Saturday, August 18, 2007

We Made The Local Papers!!!

Amelia, Jo, Jack and Charlotte with our lovely Golden Retriever girl- "DORA".
We got our photo in the local paper= Celebrities at last!!

On the Trampoline

Jack and Charlotte having a bounce.

Barbra And Amelia

Barbra is Amelias dog- and they have fun together on the lounge.

Barbra and Andie

These 2 girls adore each other- always snuggling up for a sleep together- very cute.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Two Cheeky Chicks!!

Two cheeky girls- always up to something!!!!

Jack and Milo

This is our neighbours vertically challenged horse- named Milo- he loves to come by the fence for carrots, apples, and Arnotts Cream Assorted Biscuits!!!! Whatever Jack can find in my kitchen for him!!!

The Horse Whisperer

Who is this sharing a joke with Milo- our neighbours horse????

Andie - of course- And it was a funny one too!!

There's Sheep- There's the Sheep!!!

This is what we do every day. At different times throughout the day and night- the sheep come over the hills to feed at our back fence, and stay for a while-depending on when
Andie barks at them to move on. We go to the fence and watch the Baa Sheep- as Jack calls them!!!

Just a Country Boy at Heart!!!

Joel really likes the country - nothing to do but sit in the sunshine-watching the neighbour weed her garden, and find someone to throw his tennis ball....

Country Kids

So- do they look like country bumpkins to you???

Sleeping Darlings

Well- this doesn't happen very often, let alone in their own beds!!! Caught Amelia in Charlottes bed- very cute huh?