Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Glorious Day Outdoors

 The sun is shining and Dave has managed a wander without his girlfriends !
 Ha ha didn't last long..
Dave & Lucy

 Janet & Lucy racing to me with the stick
 Lucy pretending I can't see her with a piece of bark
 Smile girls ! Joan & Lucy
 Can you give me a bigger smile ?? Joan, Lucy & Toffee
 Beautiful smiling girls.. Joan , Lucy, Toffee and Miss Meri jumps into the front- camera hog !
 Daughter and Mother.. Joan & Janet
 Quiet time in the shade
And guess who is jealous.. waiting at the house yard.. Dora, Fiery, JTP and lil Barbra !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dora waiting for the mailman

With no kids to play with Dora " Piarki Just Be Happy" waits by the front for the mailman today !
Think she's missing her owner Charlotte ...


Can't make up my mind which is my fav photo- ENJOY !!

Yes I know there is a FACE in the window !

 Linzee wants to go to school too !

This might be my favourite?

Or this one?


Cheeky kids .

Amelia with her "Buddie" Chloe

Charlotte with her "buddie" Charlotte

Well, I've NEVER been ready for school so early before.. The girls were up and dressed an hour before.. doing each others zippers, doing their own hair do's and telling me to hurry up and get dressed- following me with my clothes in hand.  No tears.. everyone just SO excited and esp nice that their "Buddies" came looking for them to welcome them to school.. that did bring a tear to my eyes.. watching them hug these sweet older girls who will help settle them into the school community. One day my little girls will be big girls too !!