Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017 Resolution- to keep the blog updated~

Can't believe the years have gone by so quickly and I've not made time to keep this blog updated for 3 years~~~. The human kids are growing up so fast, and the dogs are getting older. We've sadly lost our original older Phalenes over the Rainbow Bridge, and we've bred Golden Retriever litters to keep younger girls to run on. This year there won't be much happening with the dogs as the kid's school/ education/homework/piano lessons/sleepovers/ birthday party invite demands take up a lot of our time when we live an hour away from the school..., and my University studies takes up most of my spare time and is becoming more involved with research- as I move closer to graduating in a couple of years...

I would like to begin this years posts with these two special boys and their loving owner.
4 years ago Eleanor was referred to me by the breeder of her aging Golden girl Cassie, as the breeder has retired from Goldens. We were introduced to Eleanor and she was looking for a boy to train in obedience. I chose Cleaver for her and off he went to his lovely new home. Mum and I thought that Eleanor may also like to try her hand at dog showing so we made this offer to her for Cleaver... Little did we know that she would really enjoy the new friendships and all of the hard work of grooming and training to get Cleaver to that level- it's not easy, and the dog world is not always so welcoming to new comers... but it has been lovely watching all she has achieved!
Unfortunately not long afterwards Cassie passed away, and Cleaver soon found himself with big boots to fill. Due to Eleanor's excellent training and patience, he has excelled at his obedience to achieve his Community Companion Dog and Rally Novice titles. Last year he also became a Show Champion. He is a gentle, beautiful Gold boy. Mum owns his father Link and I own his sister Frisky Whisky. Two years later Eleanor thought she'd be up to looking after two boys and so we sent Stirling to her. Stirling is a livelier Cream boy, and has taken to dog showing in his stride, doing very well, and onto his way to becoming a Champion one day, just like his big brother Cleaver. I own Stirling's mother Toffee, and sister Porcelana.
Over the past four years Eleanor has shown so much love for her boys and her incredible talent for photography has afforded us the most amazing photos. She is often attending dogs shows and obedience trials and can be often found at shows and trials most weekends, as well as at local beaches with other golden lovers. It has been a pleasure to send her these two boys, though they, like all young dogs- are not perfect angels!!! They have chewed up pot plants and shoes, and numerous other treasures!  Cleaver really does have an aversion to getting into the car- although he loves the destinations!!! ( Frisky would jump into anyone's open car lol ) Cleaver would dig to lay under Eleanor's house in the dirt- as a puppy, and had conjunctivitis.. Stirling is a little more strong willed than his big brother. Eleanor has patiently trained her boys and been consistent! They have been social butterflies and get out more than I do!!!