Saturday, November 17, 2012

Joe Cool & Frisky Whisky

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wollemi Children's Art Exhibition

 Amelia gets a highly commended award for her wire art  -"Balloons"
Charlotte posing with her wire art bracelet.

Wet weather play...

 I'm gonna be this big when I finish growing..
 Hey, let go of my tail....
 awww cuddles ...
 The phalene garden is finally started.
 Bear and Elsie checking out the little front garden
 While the pups play in the house yard.. in the rain.. covered in dirt and burrs...

 Having lunch
 While the cows are waiting to see us !!

 Then we have a snooze
 All together makes for cuddly snoozes...
on a bed built for ONE big dog... !!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Frisky Whisky

This is Piarki Frisky Whisky..a Fiery/Link girl
I thought we were calling her Whisky- but the kids call her Frisky.. so perhaps Whisky will be her middle name ??

I am hoping she will grow into her long ears..
 hello puss kat.. do you like me ?
 I will sleep with you
 And smother you in kisses
 and walk beside you !!

Joan/Link babies 12th November

With a couple of Fiery's thrown in !!
 Weekend play with their mum and the humans..
and the kat !! ( and Barbra supervising from inside )
 Early this morning

 Then the kids woke up and came out to play..
 That's a big teddy !

you DO have sharp teeth Boris !

 Yes sharp teeth are good for chewing toys  !
 Joe Cool claims the rattle .
 and off to show his friends
 Sometimes the kat wants to let us know he is missing out on the love when puppies arrive
 he doesn't care if they want to kiss him or chew on his tail.. he WANTS to be the CENTRE of our world.
 Sprinkler time to cool down
 That funny little dog keeps popping up to play...
Nice cool water for a warm afternoon.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Playing till the cows come home...

 The curious cattle come by every morning now to watch the puppies play..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Congratulations Barbra and Blaze

For those of you who met Barbra, no she is not just a fat little dog > She is a beautiful Champion Phalene from imported Swedish and Dutch bloodlines.  After a long day on Monday hanging out together, doing our breathing and panting exercises, Barbra finally gave birth to two beautiful girls Monday evening. Mother and babies doing well.  I've been a bit busy folks.. sorry if you are expecting cute Golden puppy photos today !!
Aust Champion Mondelise Funny Girl 

 Abbeyton Trail Blazer IMP UK
 two big baby girls born 05/11/12

The MOST Sincere THANK YOU to Jim and Joan Savage of Abbeyton Papillons and Phalenes in Scotland, who have allowed their beautiful boy visit us in Australia, and entrust me with his care till he returns to them. Blaze is the sweetest, most gorgeous boy , and a credit to their breeding, and knowledge of this special breed.  Can't wait to have his kids in the show ring promoting Phalenes in Oz !