Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2018 begins.

So where did 2017 go? With all good intentions flying by the wayside, 2017 was not the best year with multiple surgical visits to cut out nasty skin cancers from my arms and ear as well as a chunk of melanoma from my forearm which then resulted in the worst & indescribable pain of a frozen shoulder for 9 months that is now finally mending itself without too much pain... just as the specialist determined it would, and could take upto 2.5 years to get mobility back to some sort of normal again.
It was a tough year!!! No puppies planned while I needed a break to rest and heal. Plenty of knitting done but was a struggle and very painful in short spurts.
In the meantime we've added to our family with 2 spoilt pigs, another 2 cats, 10 lovely fat sheep, some really entertaining chickens, and more recently, a very adorable, rascally, baby kid goat.
We've planted new fruit trees & the vegie garden has been started and produced some delicious tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, watermelon, mint and herbs.