Monday, November 12, 2012

Joan/Link babies 12th November

With a couple of Fiery's thrown in !!
 Weekend play with their mum and the humans..
and the kat !! ( and Barbra supervising from inside )
 Early this morning

 Then the kids woke up and came out to play..
 That's a big teddy !

you DO have sharp teeth Boris !

 Yes sharp teeth are good for chewing toys  !
 Joe Cool claims the rattle .
 and off to show his friends
 Sometimes the kat wants to let us know he is missing out on the love when puppies arrive
 he doesn't care if they want to kiss him or chew on his tail.. he WANTS to be the CENTRE of our world.
 Sprinkler time to cool down
 That funny little dog keeps popping up to play...
Nice cool water for a warm afternoon.